FAMOUS Project: An Inclusive Approach to Adult Education through Participatory Empowerment

FAMOUS Project: for a more inclusive approach to adult education through empowerment

Adult education and empowerment are two essential pillars for people far from employment, especially in an increasingly complex world. To meet this challenge, the European Union is supporting the FAMOUS project (Formation des Acteurs en Mouvement pour la Solidarité), an innovative initiative aimed at developing adults’ skills and autonomy through a participative and inclusive approach.


Active participation: the heart of the project

What sets FAMOUS apart is the active involvement of its beneficiaries. They are not simply participants, but co-designers in their own right. Their unique experiences and perspectives directly shape the design and implementation of the project. This represents an evolution in the way we think about adult education and empowerment, with a more inclusive and respectful approach to the individual.


The Participatory and Inclusive Survey: The Three Phases

A participatory survey, conducted from November 2022 to June 2023, followed three phases and was the first key step in the FAMOUS project. The survey was carried out by a multinational team, including the University of Paris, Secours Populaire de Roubaix and STEA in Romania at their premises.

The first phase of the survey consisted of non-directive inclusive participatory interviews with the co-designers (12), led by Goran Loiseaux from the University of Paris. These interviews aimed to understand how skills fit into their life and career paths.

The second phase involved collecting socio-demographic data from our co-designers and distributing an anonymous questionnaire to a wider audience. This was aimed at confirming the hypotheses derived from the qualitative interviews.

The final phase involved the transcription and analysis of the data collected. Thanks to the expertise of the University of Paris, a “mind map” of 62 criteria illustrating the different facets of skills for the audience interviewed was drawn up.


Towards a Transnational Recognition of Skills

The results of the participatory survey, carried out in France and Romania, will give rise to a comparative investigation of the very notion of competence. The conclusions of this survey will help refine the content and approach of the skills recognition tool that the FAMOUS partnership is developing with the active participation of its co-designers.


Impact: Beyond the survey results

The results of this participatory survey form a solid basis for the further development of the FAMOUS project. The “mind maps” will be used to develop a glossary and skills recognition tool, facilitating their identification and recognition by the audience of co-designers.

The FAMOUS project underlines the importance of involving beneficiaries in the design and implementation of projects designed to help them. By placing them at the heart of the process, we respond more adequately to their needs and promote their empowerment, helping them to become active players in their own development.

Together, we can give new impetus to adult education and empowerment. Together, we can make the European Union more inclusive and supportive.


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