FAMOUS : Promising progress thanks to skills discovery workshops

skills discovery

FAMOUS Project successfully moves forward thanks to skills discovery !

The FAMOUS project reached an important milestone with the first participatory skills discovery workshops, which took place on April 24 and 25, 2023 at Secours Populaire in Roubaix.

Under the energetic guidance of Sylvie LE BARS from Coopésia (Boreal Innovation), the French co-design group, comprising 2 men and 8 women, was fully committed to these workshops.

These workshops are the fruit of a participatory survey carried out in winter 2022 by the co-designers in collaboration with the University of Paris, at Secours Populaire.

They brought to light the varied and valuable skills of the participants, paving the way for exciting discoveries for the FAMOUS project.

A brief overview of the participative workshops organized by Sylvie during her visit to Roubaix.

A little sight of Sylvie’s presence in Roubaix.

We had the opportunity to meet Sylvie LE BARS, facilitator of these workshops, to find out more about their progress and impact on the project:


Interviewer : Hello Sylvie, could you tell us about Coopésia (Boreal Innovation) and your role in the FAMOUS project?

Sylvie: Hello! Coopésia is a cooperative committed to supporting people far from employment by revealing their skills. As part of the FAMOUS project, I collaborated with Secours Populaire Français to organize and run these skills revelation workshops.


Interviewer : How did you find the workshops held on April 24 and 25 in Roubaix?

Sylvie : The workshops were incredible! The group of co-designers was extremely dynamic, enthusiastic and committed. The exchanges were rich and revealed a multitude of varied and valuable skills for the FAMOUS project. These two half-days were a real source of inspiration for all participants.


Interviewer : What role do the co-designers play in the FAMOUS project?

Sylvie : Thanks to their life experience and personal backgrounds, they bring a unique contribution to the development of the skills repository. Their active participation in the workshops was particularly enriching.


Interviewer : What role did the co-designers play in the workshops?

Sylvie : The co-designers played an essential role in the workshops. They actively participated in the recognition of their own skills. Their backgrounds were taken into account and used as examples to facilitate recognition of the skills they had acquired through their various activities. This is a key step towards a better understanding of the notion of competency and being able to identify it accurately.


Interviewer : What role did Secours Populaire de Roubaix play in organizing these workshops?

Sylvie : Secours Populaire de Roubaix, through its support and commitment, created an environment conducive to exchanges and the revelation of the co-designers’ skills. Thanks to their invaluable collaboration, we were able to offer an enriching experience to each participant.

Interviewer : What’s next for the FAMOUS project and for Coopésia?

Sylvie : We’re going to continue organizing these skills revelation workshops in order to enrich the FAMOUS project’s glossary and repository. We’ll be reproducing the same workshop model in Satu Mare with our partners STEA, in Romania, with the group of Romanian co-designers. This will enable us to broaden our approach and develop an even more comprehensive repository.


Following these kick-off workshops, FAMOUS project skills revelation workshops will be held every month until November. The groups of French and Romanian co-designers will apply the same method passed on during the participative workshops, in order to recognize their skills autonomously, through co-development, but also to create spaces for exchange and cooperation beneficial to all.

The FAMOUS project is making great strides thanks to these participative workshops, and we can’t wait to tell you more about this wonderful adventure with the French and Romanian co-designers.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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