Research on the professional integration of vulnerable people in Romania

Recherche en Roumanie
Notre chercheur de l’université de Paris accompagnée de nos deux partenaires roumaines à Satu Mare ( Roumanie )

In the framework of the European project FAMOUS “Formation des Acteurs en Mouvement pour la Solidarité” (Training of Actors in Movement for Solidarity), the Stea association is participating in a research project on “pathways and narratives of experience among solidarity actors” during the period from October 2022 to June 2023.

Goran Loiseaux, a research engineer from the Laboratory of Psychology and Applied Ergonomics, travelled to Romania in March 2023 to accompany Stea in processing data related to a survey on job search and training by the association’s beneficiaries. He observed and participated in the activities offered by Stea and discovered the difficulties faced by the beneficiaries, particularly in terms of educational level, mobility and self-censorship. He also noted differences in access to information compared to France, as well as personal devaluation and a loss of motivation among people who have difficulty finding a job.

He then carried out a survey/research with the population he met during a 45-minute interview. This interview dealt with issues such as access to employment, training and skills development. This time of exchange allowed the researcher to collect information that will be analysed later.

The next stage of the project is to analyse the data to design workshops and activities that enhance the skills of the beneficiaries and help them build training and support tools for an empowering experience.


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